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Every year close to 650 million containers are shipped by sea. The cargo in 20% of these are in danger of being damaged by humidity causing mold, corrosion, rust, caking, fungus and mildew in the products during shipments. This problem costs manufacturers, freight forwarders, shipping lines, trading companies, importers and customers, billions of dollars every year.

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Nordic Shipping Services (Nordic Dry) have had experience with humidity control for over twenty years and currently, we are providing solutions for logistic and shipping companies to protect against humidity related damages.



When your shipments are in need of safe and trustworthy solutions during the transport by sea, you may be rest assured that with Nordic Dry Power Desiccants, we have over 20 years of experience in shipping goods safely.



Our products are designed to meet your needs for safe transportation of your cargo all over the world.

Agriculture products: coffee, tea, tobacco, rice, flour, starch, pepper, ginger, cashew nuts, ground nuts, betel nuts, cocoa, etc.


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Gading Kirana Barat 9
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Jakarta, 14240

Phone: +62 21 458 7410 or +62 21 458 7411 Email: info[@]nordicdry.com

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Our research and development team includes senior researchers from leading Universities from across the globe. We constantly carry out tests by equipping containers with data loggers that record temperature and humidity during transport. These records are analyzed by our research team, enabling us to come up with the best solutions for every specific customer requirement. Our research and development team is constantly working to improve our products. From tweaking our formula, to searching for the best binding agent, we make every effort to provide desiccants that are effective, innovative, safe, economical and user friendly. All this is done as part of our ongoing commitment to protect cargo in containers transported worldwide by land, sea and air.

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We are constantly and relentlessly pursuing perfection throughout the company, and we are eager to serve you and your needs.

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