With NORDIC DRY you get:

* Minimized claims;

* Higher profits;

* Higher customer satisfaction;

* Solution to humidity problems;

* Better and more cost effective solutions;

* Reliability;

* Access to a wide network experience;

* The original Nordic concept;

* Continuing research.


Nordic Shipping Services (Nordic Dry) have had experience with humidity control for over twenty years and currently, we are providing solutions for logistic and shipping companies to protect against humidity related damages.

To better serve our customer, our products are customized for each individual application and we have an expert team who can carry out tests to determine the optimal solution for every customer.

So far, we have carried out hundreds of tests for multinational companies with extremely good results on a variety of products like; agricultural products, canned food, furniture, metal products, spare parts, electronics, glassware, polymers, detergents, compartments and many others. We are currently protecting coffee beans, cocoa beans, canola seeds, furniture, machinery equipments, spare-parts, containers, warehouses, ships / yacht and all other humidity sensitive areas.

Nordic products are of international standards, it is environmentally friendly, energy free, easy and safe to handle. Compared with other competing products, it is also very economical. On top of that, it fulfils EU REACH criteria and US FDA approved.


When your shipments are in need of safe and trustworthy solutions during the transport by sea, you may be rest assured that with Nordic Power Desiccants, we have over 20 years of experience in shipping goods safely. Through extensive research, we have developed the most effective desiccant in the market today.

We guarantee that our products are representing the best way of insuring your cargo against be destruction by humidity that will be found in every container being shipped. Since we carry out the R&D and the quality control in our own plant, we ensure that the products are totally effective, environment neutral and most cost effective.

Vision: To be the leading company in the world, relentlessly pursuing innovation in the area of safe transportation of containers by sea, thereby providing the safest, easiest to use and most economical methods in moisture control.

Missions: To help customers and associates grow their business by providing them with complete solutions to perform better in their areas of operation; To ensure complete control of moisture related problems by producing and supplying products that are safe, environment neutral, cost effective and easily available worldwide; To help customers, by not only providing them efficient and on time service - but also by sharing our time tested experience and knowledge, by guiding them in moving goods safely and profitably around the world.

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We are constantly and relentlessly pursuing perfection throughout the company, and we are eager to serve you and your needs.

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