1. Claims are limited to faulty bags and consequences due to the substandard bag.

2. The company is not responsible for damage caused by high Relative Humidities, condensation or any damage due to an insufficient number of desiccant bags, long transit times, to high moisture content of the goods, substandard containers, accidental damage to desiccant bags caused by cargo handling equipment, substandard shipping containers with high moisture content in container floor or packaging material.

3. In the event of a claim, Shipper or Consignee, are requested immediately to contact a Nordic representative and advise of the nature of the claim.

4. Nordic will immediately appoint an Independent Surveyor, for their account. Nordic have relationships with the leading surveying companies in the world and can appoint surveyors worldwide.

5. Unloading operations to be halted until surveyors arrive.

6. The surveyor will ascertain the reason for the damage, secure damaged bags, which to be sealed in plastic bags, production date and batch number to be recorded and bags weighted. They will also take photos of the damage.

7. Samples of the damaged bag(s) to be sent to Nordic together with the Surveyors damage report to Nordic claim manager, for evaluation.

Email for claims: claims@nordicdry.com.

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