NordicDry Piccolo 1000

NordicDry Piccolo 1000

Product Size: 1000 grams

Product Typical Placement: Inside container.


Product Highlights

  • NordicDry is a desiccant to absorb humidity.
  • NordicDry main market is to protect a sea-freight container against unavoidable climate changes during shipment, as it will cause condensation or container rain.
  • NordicDry prevents moisture-related problem protection, such as caking powder, fungus, damp, rust, mold, mildew, wobble packaging, etc.
  • Moisture-related problems will either cause a costly rework or product quality deterioration and worsening business relationship between shippers, freight forwarders and the consignee.
  • NordicDry is also capable to be used for storage protection against humidity related problems.
  • NordicDry is the cheapest and a better way to protect commodities against a moisture-related problem, compared to other solution in the industry such as silica gel, container liner, or carton sheet wrap.
  • NordicDry is recyclable. Most of the competitor product have disposal problems, as it may not be disposed of as domestic waste. It is not allowed to incinerate the activated product as it contains Chlorine. Chlorine if burnt can create toxic and corrosive gases and residues. It can create Chloride, Hydrogen Chlorine, and
  • Dioxin glasses. It is not allowed to dispose of in landfills as it is not biodegradable in most jurisdictions.


Key Features

  • Fast absorption rate: fast to reduce humidity in given space with proper usage quantity.
  • High absorption capacity: capable to absorb more than 200 percent of its own weight. An example: a NordicDry NPD2000 Piccolo 2kg will absorb 4kg water molecule before it starts to saturate.
  • Long endurance: absorb more than 3 months after it activated as long as it has not reached the saturation point.
  • Leak-proof.
  • NordicDry is 100% biodegradable and recyclable.
  • All material is a recyclable allowing reduction in the production of very harmful dioxins and hydrochloric gases when disposed of in the ordinary household waste.


Regulation & Compliance:

  • European Union Reach Regulations Certificate SGS
  • IKEA special requirements Certificate Intertek HK
  • UK RoHS (The Restriction of the Use of Certain Hazardous Substances) under REACH
  • UK SVHC ( Substance of very high concern) under REACH
  • US FDA Approval Intertek HK
  • UK CEFAS Approved