Whenever a container is moved between temperature zones, there will be changes in Relative Humidity. This is because warm air holds more water than cold air. If the temperature drops below the dew point, water condenses, and this is where there is a potential for damage to products. However, it is only the water in the air that causes problems.

Nordic Dry has been verified to be 100%  Non-Toxic by the ALS Laboratoy Service and specifically free of Acrylamide, which can be prevalent in some starch based desiccants. Nordic is approved for use in all transportation of food and agricultural products.

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This unique product absorbs moisture by extracting water vapor present in the air, thus preventing the humidity inside the container from reaching dew point and condensing. The desiccant then starts to turn into a gel as it continues to absorb moisture. The water absorbed is retained due to the presence of a special binding agent, thus preventing it from leaking.

Nordic Dry prevents moisture damage by controlling the Relative Humidity (RH) and indeed prevents those problems. However, the ventilation holes in the container need to be closed and the number of units to be put in a container needs to be adjusted to the situation.

Nordic Dry absorbs the exceeding water molecules in the air and reduces the Relative Humidity inside the container, so that it will not reach the dew point.

We have superb products that actually reduce the RH inside the container. When it absorbs moisture the powder base will change into a gel. It is more efficient and safe in use. Even when the product gets damaged, it will not spill any water on the goods. It is easy, safe and inexpensive solution for the problems with moisture damage.

It seems that there is almost no free air in the container, while there is actually a lot of free air between the products, and Nordic Dry absorbs the moisture in that air and prevents condensation.

What makes us special?

Using Nordic Dry will ensure minimizing damage claims, while maximizing profits. As an added benefits, you will be helping to protect the environment.

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